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what it takes to be a vendor.


Our vendors are so important to us at Main & McGrew. We have some of the best vendors you could ever ask for in this industry, and we are really picky about who we bring on to our team. We look for vendors that value quality over quantity, but also want to sell their items, not just show them off with crazy high price tags. We are an affordable mall--therefore our vendors booths must align with that principle. If you become a part of this store, you become a part of our family. 

-The Armbruster Family

vendor information.

Our Mission.

We seek passionate vendors aligned with our goals: to sell items at affordable prices, to engage with the community that surrounds us, and to spread love for antiques as well as education about these items.

Spaces for Vendors.

We do not always have openings for new vendors, be we are always happy to review applications and add you to our waitlist. We have three main types of vendor spaces.


Shelves: These spaces are perfect for vendors who focus on smalls and do not need the space that a full booth would provide.

Short Booths: These spaces are our smallest booth spaces and are right in the center or each room. They do have a height restriction, but are perfect for smaller pieces of furniture and tons of smalls.

Tall Booths: These are our bigger booths. Each one is located along a wall and they have no height restriction. There is space to hang items on some of the walls.

Let us know which type of booth you are interested in and we will let you know what type of availability we have!

Rent & Commission.

We have flexible rent & commission plans that are set up to reward vendors who have high sales, high participation in advertising opportunities and events, and other criteria. Rent prices start at $30.00 per month and commission rates start at only 12%. More details about the plans can be discussed upon approval to become a vendor.

Curating Vendor Booths.

When it comes to our vendors, we are pretty picky about what items come into the store. This is to help maintain a cohesive appearance throughout the store as well as to ensure that our store-wide quality remains top-notch. While we do not go through vendor items one by one and decide if they are allowed, we do regular checks of the booths and pull items that we do not feel belong within the shop.

Here is a list of Generally Prohibited Items*:

- Nothing obscene or traditionally socially offensive (nothing racially or religiously offensive, e.g. No KKK nor Nazi related items).

- No alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia.

- No reproductions of antique or vintage pieces unless properly labeled as such.

- No cosmetics, vitamins, or healthcare products.

- No fresh food. (Food items must be in sealed packages and subject to all local health care regulations.)

- No tickets unless it’s to a past event and collectable in nature.

- No gift card or coupon sales.

- No knitted hand-made yarn crafts unless historically accurate and collectable in nature.

- No hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials.

- No medical items unless vintage and of collectable or oddity nature.

- No firearms or weapons.

- No mass potpourri.

-  Nothing highly flammable and no chemicals which may cause fumes.

- No housewares or items traditionally associated with garage sales or garage sale leftovers.

- No unmarked chinaware unless obviously collectable or historically significant.

- No knick-knacks that have limited collector’s interest.

- No stuffed animals unless of historical significance and age.

- Nothing that you would normally find in Wal-Mart or The Dollar Store. 

*There are other items that are prohibited and are not included in this list. The managers at The Shops at Main & McGrew always have the final say as to whether or not an item is allowed in the vendor booth.

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