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due to COVID-19, we will be closed through April 7th.

To our family, friends, vendors, and customers...

Many of you have already seen the statement that was put our by our Governor today. Due to Governor Bill Lee’s recommendation, we will be extending our closure through Tuesday, April 7th. (Hopefully, this is the last update we will have to make.)

The pandemic sweeping our world is a serious situation and we do not take this lightly. The health and safety of our family, friends, vendors, and customers is—as always—the most important thing in any situation. Thank you to everyone who has been so understanding and supportive of our decision. We have received backlash, but we will never let that stop us from making decisions that we feel are the best for our entire community.

We cannot wait to see all of you when all of this is over. We worked very hard getting a new load ready to show off to all of you, but unfortunately it will just have to wait until Wednesday, April 8th.

We would like to reiterate a major CDC recommendation to help make this situation pass more smoothly: stay at home. Unless there is an emergency, stay at home. If we all take the time now to quarantine and avoid contact with the outside world, we will help this whole situation pass more quickly, and painlessly. We have the power to save lives right now, by simply STAYING AT HOME. We will be doing the same.

We love you all and wish you health, safety, and sanity through this tough time.
-The Crew at Main & McGrew

reinventing the antique mall.


In 2016, we set out to open The Shops at Main & McGrew with one main goal in mind: run the type of store that we would want to shop at. So we made a list of things about other antique malls that drove us crazy. The list included long check out processes, cluttered booths, unpriced items, confusing layouts, and so much more. And then we did the exact opposite of what these other stores were doing.

-The Armbruster Family

online auctions.


Our current online auction is SHIPPING ONLY, due to the closure of the shop.

Check out our Spring Cleaning 2020 Auction. Unfortunately, the shop is closed for the time being, but we have prepared a GREAT auction for y'all. Click the link below to check it out. Easy registration, easy online payment, fast shipping, and no reserves.

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